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February 04, 2008


Dana at Nine Tomatoes - Energy Drawings

Carol, when you talk about screaming in your car, I have a visual of the highways jammed with people headed for work, screaming in their cars! We've all done it, I think. I love that you listened to the real message and followed your heart and your instincts. I also love to imagine the highways full of happy people, loving what they do every day. Then I start humming "Imagine."

Carol McClelland of Green Career Central

Hi Dana. Yes, I think there are many people voicing their displeasure at having to head into work each day. It's such a waste actually. Just as you've done...think of a world where everyone is doing what they are meant to do. So much angst would be eliminated!

Moschel Kadokura, Timely Matters, Inc.

Carol: Your journey to starting your company is such a familiar struggle. I, too, took a "retreat" from my regular day to day, and did everything for myself during that time. It is amazing how that can be such an eye opening experience; to really listen to yourself! Your business really sounds like it will succeed with your concentration and focus. I enjoyed listening to your journey.
Susan: As always and excellent interview and subject!

The Original Accidental Pren-her

Thank you, Moschel. The tuning in and listening to yourself experience is a powerful one. Our best work often arises from our time of communion with our inner self. That was certainly Carol's experience. And Dana and your experience, too.

Carol McClelland of Green Career Central

Moschel, your comment about retreating took me right back the feeling I had when I drove back from my beach retreat to face my job again! I remember feeling so connected to myself and NOT wanting to lose that! It was a powerful moment of recognition for me. Thanks for the memory! I appreciate your comments about my new venture too! It is very exciting to feel the focus building.

Carol Satterlee

I just went to visit your website, greencareercentral.com. WOW... so impressed with the resource you have created! I'm thrilled for you, Carol, because this direction so fits you to a TEE! I love how you've put your two loves together to create this. It just makes so much sense! I will definitely direct folks your way who are interested in and passionate(!) about "green".

The Original Accidental Pren-her

I agree -- isn't www.greencareercentral.com amazing! It perfectly suits you, Carol! Go check it out, everyone!

Carol McClelland of Green Career Central

Thanks Carol and Susan! The Green Career Central site is such a beautiful blend of what I've been doing since 1991. It's interesting to watch my career theme and my nature theme weaving together in new ways when I write and speak these days. The state of the green economy is offering new opportunities for so many people to green their work and business. Our mission is to help people find their way in this new green world. Thanks again for visiting our site and taking a look at what we are up to. For the full effect, take the tour on the site or check out our sample articles. Enjoy!

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