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January 21, 2008


Dana at Nine Tomatoes

We absolutely can change the world with our thoughts and intentions! I've long been a fan of Lynne's, and am grateful she has the science needed to inspire those whose beliefs and experiences alone are not enough to convince them of this truth. Each one of us, as we connect with our hearts and live from that powerful place, positively affects every other living energy. I believe these far-reaching effects go beyond even our wildest imaginations.

The original Accidental Pren-her

I am in full agreement, Dana, on this point you made: ". . . far-reaching effects go beyond even our wildest imaginations." We really don't know how our thoughts and intentions will change the world. Not can. Will! Each thought that we think and each intention we hold, joins with the multitude of other like-minded thoughts and intentions, rolling around, becoming greater, becoming more, until they burst out onto the world stage. Now that's wildly exciting!

Stamford Talk

I'd ordinarily think all this "energy of the universe" stuff is wishful thinking. I have a friend who is looking for change in her life. Rather than actually doing anything, she says, "I'm sending my intention out to the universe." Maybe what she's doing is working, but people like her are the ones giving this intention stuff a bad rap! Sounds mean, but it's true. It's annoying when someone is telling you they want a change in your life, and you suggest they take a specific action, they wave you off with a "I'm just putting my energy out there" comment.
However, I can't say intention is not a real, effective phenomenon. I can't argue with the scientific data McTaggart presents! It reminds me that we'd be best off if we'd acknowledge the power our minds and make the most of them.

The original Accidental Pren-her

Stamford, you've just hit on one of my pet-peeves: You can put out into the universe all the intention you want. You can say positive affirmations until the cows come home. You can visualize all day long. However, until you actually take action in the direction of what you want, it ain't never gonna happen.

It takes more than just positive thoughts and affirmations to create business or personal success. Yes, visualize, put forth your intent, and affirm it as so. Then, get out there and take success inspired actions. That's when the real magic happens!

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