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December 03, 2007


Marlene Trevisan

I love what you say about how important it is to be doing work that connects who you are and what you do. I absolutely agree with you and can tell that this is truly who you are, Carol and Lisa. I find that when I do work that connects with who I am -I am energized rather than drained.


Hey Carol and Lisa:

You guys were terrific. I loved listening to your interview. You sound extremely focused and enthused about your work!
Good luck to you!

Dana at NineTomatoes

There's a tone throughout your answers that speaks volumes. You are both so obviously aligned with your hearts, and your clients benefit from that on so many levels. We all do. Thanks!

Carol Satterlee

Hi Marlene,
Thanks so much for your positive comments. Your thoughts are so appreciated! And yes, you are spot on... being fortunate to find your passion feels effortless and also "feeds" us as well. AND to find the right partner to associate with has been so awesome for me. It doesn't even feel like work... rather in a place of constant joint creation. -- Carol

Carol Satterlee

Moschel, Thanks so much for listening in and supporting us. And yes, we are so enthused about reaching out and supporting folks thru Family on the Edge.

We also want to talk to you about how we get your product, On Task On Time, (http://www.timelymatters.com/) out to the parents we speak to in our seminars about how they can help their child manage stress. We think it could make a huge impact! We'll talk to you about it this week when we see you. -- Carol

Carol Satterlee

Dana, Again, thanks for noticing and acknowledging how aligned we are in our coaching partnership. We talked about the synergy that exists in our work, and it's true! Also, for me, I'm in constant gratitude for every client I've ever been privileged to work with. Each person I've coached with over the many years have given me such insights about relationships and how innately valued they truly are... even as I've worked with individuals in career transitions.

I also want to acknowledge your work, Dana. I love the cards I ordered from your site (http://www.ninetomatoes.com) and am sending them out to clients and friends to keep in touch! Beautiful work! -- Carol

Dana at NineTomatoes

I love that you talk about coaching as a shared experience. And thank you, Carol, for sharing my work with your clients and friends!

The original Accidental Pren-her

Indeed, Carol and Lisa, one of the most inspiring things about your message is your partnership. You two bring the best of who you are into your partnership. Together, you offer your clients the richness of your life experience combined with integrity, and professional service. It's all about relationships, isn't it ladies?

Janice Yoshihara

Carol, you have certainly given me lots of inspiration, and it certainly tells it all in this interview. What a great story. I'm sure you have many chapters to come. You both certainly have it all together!

Carol Satterlee

I love how we met thru Susan and how new connections are being made. Women are so great because of the natural support system we create and how easy we make it to reach out. Once strangers, now friends. And it truly is so effortless to support one another in so many ways. Cheers to you and your business for 2008! -- Carol

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