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November 07, 2007


Dana at NineTomatoes

What a thorough and perfect description of the attitude of gratitude. After starting a gratitude journal years ago, the habit of feeling thankful has woven itself into my being and comes naturally. It DOES do all those things Melodie mentions, and more. It brings me to a state of inner peace where all wonderful things happen. The more grateful I am for what I have, the more I have to be grateful for! Thank you, Susan, for posting this quote.

The Original Accidental Pren-her

I've been keeping a gratitude journal for a couple years now too, Dana. At the end of each day, I write down who and what I am grateful for. This singular focus is a perfect way to end out my day, create a fresh perspective on the day's happenings, and set the tone for a great night sleep and awakening next day experience. It really does, as you say, "bring me to a state of inner peace where all wonderful things happen." Thanks for sharing, Dana.


In this season we are in (fall) where gratitude is one of the gifts of the season; it was great for me to be reminded about the attitude of gratitude. Interestingly, in all areas of my life where I am grateful for what I have and operate from a place of gratitude all things come together with ease; and in the areas of my life where I am consistently asking if something is enough or not, then that is where I create my own suffering.

Susan tank you for reminding me about gratitude! Meselech

The Original Accidental Pren-her

What a lovely reminder for us all, Meselech, that when we have an attitude of gratitude all things do come together with ease. They have a nice flow to them, don't they? How nice it is to know we can ease our own suffering just by being grateful and appreciative of ourselves and others.

Muzetta Swann

When I get out of sync, I've lost my gratitude attitude. It's when I make a list of all the gifts of the day that I let go of fear and worry. And when I share my gratitude, not only does it make me feel better, but I notice it helps others to be in a better place.

The Original Accidental Pren-her

Don't we all, Muzetta! Don't we all! It really is when we share our gratitude that there is a real outpouring from our hearts that opens us up and touches others, too. Gratitude is a great way to crack open our hearts!

Jina Daigle

I, too, love the power of gratitude. I have had several clients who reported that, when they thought of things to be grateful for with their husbands, they were less likely to be frustrated by small irritations in that relationship. One went so far as to think of a gratitude before walking into the house after work each day. She stated it changed the whole dynamic of the evening. I think good and bad cannot co-exist in us at the same time. Choosing a good attitude makes sense. Awareness that we can is the first step. My biggest gratitude is for the faithful and loving friends in my life...Susan being one of them. Blessings to all. Jina

The Original Accidental Pren-her

You are right, Jina, everything we do and say makes a difference in the world. It only takes . . .

One act of kindness.
One act of generosity.
One act of love.
One act of forgiveness.

One expression of gratitude can change your entire attitude for an evening, a day, or your life.

Carol Satterlee

What a perfect message as we approach Thanksgiving. It's a time when I purposefully slow myself down to spend with family and friends and let them know how grateful I truly am for having them in my life. I am a true believer that our lives are a reflection of what we are putting out there. I am so aware of the individuals in my life who live from a place of gratitude and practice it. I have learned the need for myself to distance from "drainers" and "victims" because I choose not to spend my energies there. I'd say in the past seven years, the quality of my own life has changed/upgraded because of the conscious choices I have made.

Choosing gratitude is one of the many values that has made such a positive difference for me. To Susan and all you wonderful folks connected to her, I send you my gratitude for the positive energy you each put out there.
Best.... Carol

The Original Accidental Pren-her

Carol, what a beautiful message you send to us all -- gratitude for the positive energy each of us puts out.

Like you, I, too, have learned the importance of making a conscious choice about the types of people I spend time with. Drama can be such a draining diversion from what is really important in life. I have found gratitude to be the best antidote to drama.

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