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October 03, 2007


Verna Wilder

Wow! Thank you for posting this, Susan. I'm already in column A, and this video showed me why. It also made me more interested in hearing both sides of what, in my opinion, should not be an argument at all. Underlying everything about this situation is that we live on this physical Earth that supplies us with everything we need to survive, and we treat this Earth with disrespect - as if it will support us forever, no matter how badly battered. We need to stop being so short-sighted.

Susan L. Reid of Alkamae Blog

I think you hit the nail on the head with your response, Verna . . . we live on a physical Earth that is an alive, breathing, growing entity. We are in a symbiotic relationship with Earth. Therefore, it behooves us to sustain and nurture Earth the same way she does us.


Thank you for posting this, Susan! He does an excellent job of showing us that it is not a matter of whether we believe global warming to be true or false, but rather that the power to create our reality lies in our own hands. We are not powerless, we make the choice. And we must make this choice consciously! Thank you for spreading the power to make conscious choices!

Susan L. Reid of Alkamae Blog

Agreed, Ang . . . the power to create our reality lies within each and every one of us. It is not for someone or something outside ourselves to create for us. We are powerful creators and with that knowing comes great response-a-bility. Thanks for sending us this video clip.


There recently was a program on the Science Channel that addressed global warming. One of the main contributors to this problem is CO2 emissions. The USA produces the greatest CO2 emmissions is the world. This program showed how individuals in the USA can minimize their output of CO2 in their own homes. Turn off lights when you leave a room. Use "low energy lightbulbs". Unplug appliances when not in use. Share-rides when possible. Walk to the corner store or fast food outlet. If every household used one low energy lightbulb, it would be like removing 1 million car emissions from the roads. If every household utilized all of the above mentioned methods of reducing CO2 emissions, then, we would be doing something positive. We clearly can take care of our own homes, our responsibility, or can we? Talk is useless, action speaks for itself.

Susan L. Reid of Alkamae Blog

Your brought up an important point here, Tawney -- we can talk about what to do, what not to do, and about what may or may not be happening as a result of global warming, all we want. However, it is inspired action (action inspired from an inner, greater knowing) that makes the difference.

Mary Ellen Whitaker


I'm a bit late checking out this video, but it's so good. This guy just makes a very sound argument, and his presentation is so logical. One point I always make when someone brings up this topic is this. Even if we could NOT do anything about climate change because we were not causing it, there are many other important reasons to recycle and reduce pollution. Why would we want to live in a toxic environment, even if we knew we were NOT causing global warming? Why would we want to toxify the oceans? In the fantastic book "The Yoga of Eating", Charles Eisenstein asks the important question, "What are you saying yes to?" He makes the point that you can and should eat whatever keeps you healthy, rather than being dogmatic about any diet (even the "purest" ones). He says that the real question when choosing a food is, "What am I saying yes to?" If you ask this question, you'll avoid meats that come from sources that deplete the rainforests or chicken farms that don't allow the birds to roam uncaged. The same is true of the environment. When choosing a vehicle to drive or deciding whether or not to rinse out that can and recycle it, what are you saying yes to? My Inner Samurai tells me to always say yes to integrity and the highest good in a simple, balanced way, whether global warming is real or not.

Mary Ellen

The Original Accidental Pren-her

WOW! What a great question to ask ourselves, Mary Ellen: "What am I saying yes to?" If we ask that question, then we realize it's not about saying no to global warming, it's about saying yes to that which sustains our environment. From that perspective, it's not about stopping global warming, it's about enhancing the earth.

What a difference that one question can make in our personal and world lives. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us all! My Inner Samurai pulses "yes!"

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