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September 12, 2007


Yvonne DiVita

Well, my cat and my dog, both of who I write about on Scratchings and Sniffings, my petblog, teach me on a daily basis that it's the here and now which is important, not yesterday and not tomorrow. Carmel, the dog, wants to go for a walk...NOW...not later, when I have time. When we're done, she's contented to wait until the next opportunity comes along. Wabby Wibby, the cat, lives for a rub and a tickle, and her dinner. The before and the after are not important.

When I learn to tap into my inner knowing, as Susan says, I remember that life will flow properly - if I allow it to. When I try to bend it to my will, it gets all tangled up...and causes untolled issues.

So, I look at Carmel and Wabby and I marvel in the fact that they know, better than, the acceptance of what is.

Susan L. Reid of Alkamae Blog

What wonderful examples, Yvonne, of how your pets remind you of what's important in the now. As you said, to them, the before and the after are not important, it's the now!

Whenever I've been away for an extended period of time, my cat, Passion, always comes and greets me with a meow and a flop and stretch right in front of me, expecting me to drop my briefcase, laptop, suitcase, and whatever else I'm carrying *immediately* and luv on her before I do anything else. That used to annoy me. Now, I just smile at her beautiful example of being in the now.


Life has presented many truths to me, but none so clear as what the animals have taught me. They choose their owners, their "pack leader". One may own a pet, but the pet decides if they are willing to accept the owner. I am blessed to have been accepted by all of my 4 and 2 legged friends. They are truly my friends as I am theirs. They love unconditionally and to love this way, I see as honorable.

The original Accidental Pren-her

Well put, Tawney! Indeed, we fool ourselves when we think we own our pets. Rather, it is our pets who put forth their willingness to be "owned" by us that allows us to enter into a relationship with them. Ho.


I have a truly wonderful dog companion Chance who teaches me every day about being in the moment, about love and about acceptance. There is such joy in the simple things: taking walks, getting a pat or rubdown or just being together quietly in a park...I take lessons from her in stillness, contentment and being in the now. Yes, my animal friend is truly a blessing in my life.

The original Accidental Pren-her

Animals have a wonderful way of centering us and reminding us about what's important. Really, when you come right down to it . . . it's the simple things, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by, Linda!

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