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May 23, 2007



Wow...what a difference! I think of inspiration as coming from within and motivation as coming from outside. I love the synonyms for inspiration - stirring, awakening. We can inspire others by stirring or awakening something that is already inside of them. We don't have to provoke or trigger with outside pressure. Inspiration feels so much better for both people.

The original Accidental Pren-her

I like your turn of phrase, Marlene--we can inspire others be stirring or awakening what's already within. Certainly takes the pressure off of thinking we have to do something to make someone behave a certain way, doesn't it?

pamela Mingle

I find that the "motivation" words are very aggressive and intimidating. I certainly don't want to be provoked, feel a trigger or be shoved. These words hold very dark and somewhat negative connotations. How much better to feel eager, passionate, inspired and sparkling! It sounds powerful, light and most of all, creative!

The original Accidental Pren-her

When I think of being shoved, I think of a child being shoved off a dock as the best way to teach someone to swim. Does that ever work?

Debbe Kennedy, Women in the Lead Inspiration BLOG

Thank you for connecting with us with your thought-provoking message, exploring the difference between motivation and inspiration. You inspired me! From it, I am motivated to write still another twist on this topic. This is the power of learning from one another in a new form of collaboration. Off to write...

Debbe Kennedy

The original Accidental Pren-her

I look forward to seeing what you will write in your next Women in the Lead Inspiration Blog. Then we can all be inspired to take this topic to the next level.

Tigiri Neeka

I really enjoy your article on motivation and inspiration exspecially were you define motivation as: when somebody is push forward something. Usually, by the ideas, ideals, and influences of someone other than ourselves.


The Original Accidental Pren-her

Thank you for your feedback Tigiri. There is a difference between when one feels pushed (motivation) and one feels inspired. You can feel it. Can't you? Being inspired feels great. Motivated . . . no so much.

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What a great article.
It really makes you think about the differnces and I really believe that inspiration is about stirring up and bringing forward something which people are potentially capable of anyway.
Motivation is important because it pushes us on and you're absolutely right I too look at other people's ideals and that's what makes me want to be bettter.
I do think though that you can't be inspired into something unless you are motivated to get there first.

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